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INC-ICOM or Indian National Committee of the International Council of Museums, as the name stands - is the Indian subsidiary of the international organisation - International Council of Museums (ICOM), which is a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO). All the member countries have their own National Committees. While ICOM is having its headquarters in the UNESCO building in Paris, France; the INC-ICOM is currently based at 1, Dinanath Chatterjee Street, Belgharia, Kolkata - 700056, C/O Dr. A.K.Chatterjee. The former-Keeper (Head of Anthropology) of Indian Museum -
Dr. Arun Kumar Chatterejee is presently the Chairperson of INC-ICOM.

Dr. Arun Kumar Chatterejee can be contacted on his mobile phone: +91-92318-53393 (from outside India) and 092318-53393 (from any where in India).

All full-time museum professionals are welcome to be the member of this prestigious organisation.

The INC-ICOM is dedicated to the development of museums and the museum profession, and operates in India for the preservation of cultural heritage. Committed to the promotion and facilitation of professional cooperation, INC-ICOM is a India-wide network under the International Council of Museums (ICOM) for museum professionals of all disciplines and specialisations.

INC-ICOM co-ordinates the participation in the national, regional and international activities of the organisation by organising -- workshops, publications, training, twinning programmes, and the promotion of museums through International Museum Day, every year (May 18, annually).

INC-ICOM's activities coordinate the needs of the museum profession in India and are focussed on the following themes:
· professional cooperation and exchange
· dissemination of knowledge and raising public awareness of museums
· training of personnel
· advancement of professional standards
· elaboration and promotion of professional ethics
· preservation of heritage and combating the illicit traffic in cultural property

For Minutes of INC-ICOM AGM 2010 click here

 Office bearers or the Executive Committee of INC-ICOM

 For the period of 2010 - 2012

(The New Committee for 2010-2012 has taken charge on 24 JULY 2010
at Bidisha, Kharagpure, West Bengal)

Chairman : Dr. Arun Kumar Chatterejee, Kolkata
  Phone: Mobile:+91-92318-53393
  E-mail: akc.22@rediffmail.com & incicom@rediffmail.com
Secretary : Dr. M.V.Nair, New Delhi;
  Phone: Mobile:+91-9654777155,
Treasurer: Mr. Partha S. Mukherjee, Kolkata; Ph: +91-94322-72064 & 098300-92209
E-mail: ps.m@rediffmail.com & incicom@rediffmail.com
Executive Members:
Dr. K.K. Basa, Bhubaneswar
Mr. B V Kharbade, Lucknow
Dr. K. K. Jain, New Delhi
Dr. Achal Pandya, New Delhi
Dr. Sujit Som, Bhopal
Dr. R K Mukhopadhayay, Kolkata
Dr. A B Mitra, Kolkata
Dr. Jagatpati Sarkar, Kolkata
Mr. R P Savita, Kolkata
Dr. Manvi Seth, New Delhi
Ms. Minati Chatterjee, Kolkata
Ms. Rongsenla Marsosang, Dimapur, Nagaland
Dr. Anita B Shaw, Hyderabad
Zonal Secretaries:
(as on APR 2011)
 North Zone: Mr. B V Kharbade, Lucknow
Central Zone: Dr. B. Venugopal, New Delhi
 East & North East Zone: Dr. C.B. Patel, Bhubaneswar
 South Zone: Dr. Palania P. Iyamperumal, Chennai
 West Zone: Dr. R.V. Ramana, Baroda

Note:General Election Result was declared by the Election Commissioner on 25 MAY 2010.

 Past Chairpersons of INC-ICOM 

While celebrating ICOM 60, we gratefully remember the contributions of the following museum leaders who had rendered their valuable services as the past Chairpersons of the INC-ICOM.
1. Late Dr. C. Shivaramamurthy
2. Late Shri Amalendu Bose
3. Late Dr. Sunil C. Ray
4. Dr. Saroj Ghose
5. Dr. S.S. Biswas
6. Late Sri R.M. Chakraborti
7. Dr. Shyamal Kanti Chakravarti

On this occasion we also cherish the fond memory of Dr. Grace McCann Morley (1900-1985), a founder member of ICOM and the founder Director of ICOM Asia Agency. She was inspiration personified to all museum professionals in India and elsewhere.

 Office bearers or the Executive Committee of INC-ICOM

 For the period of 2006-2009

(The New Committee for 2006-2009 has taken charge on 9 DEC 2006
at Bidisha, Kharagpure, West Bengal)

Chairman  : Dr. Arun Kumar Chatterejee
    Phone: Mobile:+91-92318-53393
    E-mail: akc.22@rediffmail.com
Secretary  : Dr. C.B.Patel, Bhubaneswar,
Treasurer  : Dr. A.B. Mitra, Kolkata,
Executive Members  :
Dr. R.C. Agarwal, New Delhi
Dr. K.K. Basa, Kolkata
Mr. G.S. Rautela, Kolkata (coopted on 03 APR 2009)
Mr. P. B. Sengar, New Delhi
Dr. R Srinivasan, Chennai; Ph: +91-94444-55819
Dr. M.V.Nair, Lucknow;
Dr. Chhanda Mukherjee, Kolkata; Ph: +91-98305-60918
Mr. Partha S. Mukherjee, Kolkata;
(Webmaster of INC-ICOM)
Dr. K.K. Jain, New Delhi
Dr. R.V. Ramana, Vadodara
Mr. Supreo Chanda, Kolkata 
Dr. J. Kedareswari, Hyderabad
Dr. Loknath Soni, Kolkata
Dr. P.P. Iyamperumal, Chennai
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