Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting of the Indian National Committee of ICOM (INC-ICOM), held at the Department of Museology, University of Calcutta
on Friday, 3rd April 2009 at 2.30 p.m.

1. Approval of the minutes of the last Executive Board Meeting;
2. Report of the Secretary;
3. Report of the Treasurer;
4. Finalisation of the programme for the year 2009;
5. Consideration of new applications for ICOM Membership;
6. Amendment of the Internal Rule of the INC-ICOM;
7. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

Members present:
1. Dr. A.K. Chatterjee;
2. Dr. A.B. Mitra;
3. Dr. K.K. Basa ;
4. Dr. Chhanda Mukherjee;
5. Sri. S. Chanda;
6. Sri Partha S Mukherjee

Invitees present:
Dr. Saroj Ghose, former President of ICOM;
Dr. Shyamalkanti Chakravarti, former President of INC-ICOM;
Dr. Sachindranath Bhattacharya. Professor of Museology, University of Calcutta

The meeting was presided over by the Chairman of INC-ICOM.

The following points were discussed:

Point 1:
Agenda #1: The minutes of the last Executive Board Meeting was approved except one modification that in lieu of quarterly INC-ICOM News, "ICOM India Bulletin" will be published annually from this year 2009.

Agenda #2: In absence of the Secretary, the Chairman presented a report on last year's (2008) activities of INC-ICOM.

Agenda #3: Treasurer reported the financial position of INC-ICOM in brief. He assured to present detailed audited account in the ensuing General Body Meeting of the INC-ICOM.

Agenda #4.1: It was resolved that the International Museum Day will be observed in collaboration with the Indian Museum, Kolkata on 18th May 2009. Dr. K. K. Basa, Director, Indian Museum, has approved the proposal.

Agenda #4.2: Chairman along with the other Executive Board Members held a meeting with the Secretary, Culture & Heritage, Govt. of Sikkim, for organising a National Seminar at Gangtok, in collaboration with the Govt. Sikkim in near future.

Agenda #4.3: Chairman has been asked to contact 'Dakshini Chitram', Chennai and Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneswar to hold meeting with them and to finalise the day of the Annual Conference and Seminar, also.

Agenda #5.1: Sixteen New application for new Membership of ICOM have been approved by the Board. The Secretary and Treasurer have been asked to take further steps in this regard.

Agenda #5.2: Membership subscriptions (Institutional & Individual) for the year 2009 have been fixed as follows:
Institutional Members:
Category A (Employees 1-5) E 288/- --- Rs. 20,160/-
Category B (Employees 6-20) E 428/- ---Rs. 29,480/-
Category C (Employees 21+) E 586/- ---Rs. 41,020/-
(Note: E1=Rs.70/-)

Individual Members:
General - … … … … … ... ...... .... .... .... .... E27 - Rs 1900/-
Retired Employees of Museums & Student … E23 - Rs 1700/-

Agenda # 6: It is resolved that the Article #36 of the Internal Rule of the INC-COM has been changed as "Individual Members having a minimum of three years' continuous paid Membership of ICOM shall only be eligible for election to the Executive Board.

Agenda #7.1: Mr. G.S. Rautela has been co-opted as Executive Board Member of the INC-ICOM.

Agenda #7.2: Representation of the INC-ICOM in 72 Advisory Committee Meeting of ICOM, to be held at Paris, France in June 2009 has been discussed. Importance of representation in this Advisory Meeting was seriously viewed in the light of Article 45 of the Internal Rule of INC-ICOM.

Point 2:
Discussion was also made regarding the partial financial assistance to the Chairman, who has already been granted airfare and accommodation charges by ICOM headquarters for attending the Advisory Committee Meeting of ICOM, which is mandatory to any National Committee.

Special Mention:
Chairman INC-ICOM thanked 'Vice Chancellor' of Calcutta University for according permission to hold the Executive Board Meeting of INC-ICOM in the Dept. of Museology and also thanked Prof. Sachindranath Bhattacharya (Head of Dept. Museology) and Sri Suprio Chanda (Executive Board Member INC-ICOM) for their kind co-operation to make the meeting a grand success.
Since no other agenda was there the meeting was adjourned with thanks to the Chair.

Signed by:
Dr. A.K. Chatterjee
Chairman (INC-ICOM)
Dr. A.B. Mitra
Treasurer (INC-ICOM)

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