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Zarina Khatoon Museum-Cum-Research Centre (HSCS), Chitarpur, Jharkhand - was founded by Gharib Shah in 2004. At a very early stage the archaeological and historical findings of Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad were exhibited.....Download information about the museum.

Jnana-Pravaha Museum at Varanasi

The Jnana-Pravaha Museum Kala Mandapa was inaugurated on November 19, 2002. The salient features of Kala-Mandapa are the beautiful miniature paintings of different schools; representative textiles from various regions; sculptures and terracottas from Mauryan to late Medieval period; coins from 4th century B.C. to 19th century and glimpses of different facets of Kasi culture; panoramic view of Ganga, Varanasi and Ramnagar fort.


 Sri Krishna Museum at Kurukshetra

Having collected art objects that celebrated the theme of Lord Sri Krishna, the Kurukshetra Development Board opened the Sri Krishna Museum in the year 1991. In 1995 a new block was added to it. These artifacts present before the viewers, Krishna as god, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, a great philosopher, an epic hero, an astute statesman and supreme lover. Idols and frescoes found in various excavations done in the area are also on display here.

A new set up with beautifully laid out gardens, panorama project, is managed by the National Council of Science Museums. The panorama project's main attraction is the 34 feet high depiction of the Mahabharata battle filed. With the help of special acoustic effects, the epic battle seems to come alive. An additional attraction here in the science section, which highlights the 4500 years old scientific temper of ancient India. The project lies adjacent to the Sri Krishna Museum.

Museum projects Kolkata-- the 'Kolkata Panorama'
Just drop in at Town Hall of Kolkata (near Kolkata High Court) to enjoy Rabindranath Tagore reciting the famous poem Bharat tirtha. A hi-tech story telling presentation on three hundred ten years history of Kolkata in a speaking museum with panoramic projection, animatronics, sound and light, virtual reality, computer and multimedia was dedicated to the public on 9th May, 2002 coinciding with panchise vaisakh, the birth day of Tagore. Spreding over 1200 sq.ft. area and with display of 15 enclaves depicting the early Kolkata, battle of Plassey, Bengal renaissance, 19th century stallwarts, freedom struggle, the trauma of 1940's and the making of the city as the cultural capital of India are some of the themes of this museum which recreate the city's past. The Museum reflects a journey through time, the personalities and the events brought alive through statues, music and interactive tools.
-- T. Sinha, Kolkata

Story of a new museum
In the heart of the city of old Hyderabad of fascinating collection of decorative arts once in the custody of Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam housed in the palatial building of Purani haveli, adorn the H.E.H the Nizam's Museum. The core of the collection consists of souvemrs, gifts, mementoes, models received by H.E.H. Nizam VII on the silver jubilee celebration in 1937 and afterwards. The museum also house `Wardrobe hall' of the Nizam VI containing fabulous wealth of dress and costume.
--D. Bhaskara Rao, Hyderabad

 Ramakrishna Museum in Belur Math
' I visited the museum once. I was shown fossils. A whole animal has become stone! Just see what an effect has been produced by Company! Likewise, by constantly living in the Company of a holyman one verily becomes holy.'
Sri Ramakrishna,
recollecting his vist to the Indian Museum.

A not too large personalia museum was set up in 1994 in Belur Math with artifacts relating to the lives of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Srada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other direct diciples of Sri Ramakrishna. That was small beginning for a much larger period-museum to come. The new museum housed in a spectacular building designed and built for the purpose, was opened to public on 7th May 2001. The museum is new in its concept. Rich in artifact, it is not a mueum of artifact; it is a museum socio-religious movement. As one walks arround the outer periphery of the new building, one gets a cursory view of India's cultural history from the Vedic period to the advent of Sri Ramakrishna. Inside the museum exhibits are presented in carefully created period setting depicting the lives and work of the great souls who inspired the Ramakrishna movement. The story culminates in the last alcove projecting how the ideas and ideals of Sri Ramakrishna were translated into action upto 1910.
--Swami Prabhananda, Secretary Ramakrishna Institute of Culture.

Raja Rammohun Roy memorial Museum
The house of Raja Rammohun Roy at 85A, Raja Rammohan Sarani (formerly, Amherst Street), Calcutta, is one of these grand old building. Set upon a spacious compound, once remarkable for its elegance, the three-storied mansion stands there for about 180 years with its massive grandeur and typically attractive architecture of the early 19th century.
An humble beginning towards the setting up of the Museum was made when the College organised an exhibition on the life and works of Rammohan at the heritage mansion on the occasion of his 228th birth anniversary on 22"d May, 2000. The exhibition evoked keen interest among the public.
The proposed Memorial Museum will be the first in the country to uphold the life, works and ideals of Raja Rammohun Roy. A Museum Committee, with Museum experts and eminent scholars on Rammohun, has been constituted by the Governing Body of the Rammohun College to implement the noble project.
--Samar Bhowmik, Kolkata

Panorama museum in Kurukshetra -- National Council of Science Museums.
A panorama museum, for the first time in India, has been completed in Kurukshetra (in 2000) with a large panoramic painting on the epic battle of Mahabharata. The inspiration came from the famous Battle of Borodino Museum in Moscow but the museum in Kurukshetra is based on superior technology of audio-visual projection.

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