Mr Amalendu Bose (1919-2008)


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Indian National Committee of ICOM deeply mourn the sad demise of Mr Amalendu Bose (1919-2008), the founder Director of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) in India, who passed away in his residence at Kolkata on 29 November last.

Before holding the charge of NCSM, Mr Bose founded the Birla Industrial &Technological Museum at Kolkata and VisvesvarayaIndustrial & Technological Museum at Bangalore.

Throughout his life, Mr Bose was very active in ICOM, holding at different points of time, the positions of the Chairman of Indian National Committee of ICOM, Chairman of ICOM Asia-Pacific Agency and a member of ICOM Executive Council in Paris. He was the founder Chairman of ICOM-India Trust and held the position till the last day of his life. He is survived by a son, a daughter, and a host of science museum professionals whom he trained and inspired in the profession.

This is contributed by Dr. Saroj Ghose, former President of ICOM.

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