Dr Sunil Chandra Ray
Former Chairman, INC-ICOM

Dr Sunil Chandra Ray was born on December 20, 1924 at Tamluk district of Midnapore. He graduated in 1944 and took his M A degree in Ancient Indian History & Culture from the University of Calcutta in 1946. He earned his doctorate for his thesis entitled 'Early History of Kashmir' in 1951. Dr Ray began his career as James Prinsep Research Fellow in epigraphy and numismatics for the year at the Asiatic Society, Calcutta. He received special training in Archaeology at Paris and Strasbourg. He also earned the Griffith Memorial Prize for his resarch in numismatics.

He joined Archaeological Survey of India as Archaeological Scholar and rose to the position of its Director. From 1977 to 1984 he served the Indian Museum, Calcutta as Director-Secretary and later became the Professor of Archaeology in the University of Calcutta. Dr. Ray was the 3rd Chairman of the Indian National Committee of ICOM.

Dr Ray has profusely contributed in diverse fields of Archaeology, History, Numismatics and Museology. His works include 'Early History and Culture of Kashmir'; 'Stratigraphic Evidence of Coins in Indian Excavations and some allied issues' and 'Coins & Culture - An Archaeological Approach'.

By Dr hyamal Kanti Chakravarti
(formaer Chairman INC-ICOM and former Director Indian Museum, Kolkata)

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